About us

The soil and agriculture require passion and love. Our deep-rooted history with the agricultural sector comes from the genes of the Apaydın family. Our farming experience and the love of soil and trees, which our great grandfathers passed on to us, have brought us to this day. With the brand Konsept Tarım, our investments in olive, almond and walnut cultivation in Turkey, especially in almond and walnut cultivation, have enabled us to set targets not only in Turkey but worldwide as well. We assume that agricultural and livestock success can only be accomplished with long-term goals and not with short-term goals. Therefore, our philosophy in our Konsept Hayvancılık (livestock) brand is built on to perform it in a sustainable system rather than one in the form of livestock farming without pasture. The mentioned sustainable system is ideal for well-living of animals, and has the natural pastures, mature and suitable orchards, and contributes to the carbon-nitrogen level as fertilizer of animals supports agriculture by natural means. Today we can proudly say that we have realized the largest agroforestry center in Turkey with a capacity of 8,000 modern sheep shelters and about 5 million m2 of land in Gördes district of Manisa.

We have been moving confidently in the production of free range eggs since the day we began, without compromising on quality and integrity. Under our brand ENTELKOY, we raise eggs of cage-free chickens that live in natural conditions and live healthy with high-quality natural foods.

Thus, we have built Turkey's one of the most qualified and organized AGRICULTURE-MANAGEMENT teams, reflecting our institutional background and know-how on our agricultural business enterprise. With our machinery and modern farming infrastructure investments in addition to our well-qualified and dedicated team including our professional agricultural engineers with whom we built the management system, we are now one of Turkey's largest walnut producers in and around the Manisa region in terms of volume. Our cultivated field of walnut, almond and olive trees, which we manage just in the region of Manisa, has exceeded 1000 hectares. For the last 4 years, we have been planting Chandler walnut trees in our walnut farms, which are suitable for the ecological conditions of our region. Although the product variety in our Olive and Almond farms is different, we are one of the important producers of the region for these products. In addition to contributing to the development of our country's agriculture with the aim of modern and scientific agriculture, contributing to the employment and economy of the region is our biggest goal. We can digitally record and control the management of all our farms thanks to the farm management software which we developed at the end of a long and meticulous work.